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New Beginnings in New Apartments

If you’re looking for your next apartment, you may be debating between an older community and a newer community. There are definitely pros and cons to any move, but there are some major benefits to living in new apartment communities like Flats at Stones Crossing. Our apartments in Greenwood, IN are built with modern renters in mind, so you can expect to find what you need all in one place. Read on to find out more about the perks of living in a brand-new community.

#1: New Appliances

There’s nothing worse than having a critical appliance fail at a crucial moment. In a new apartment, you’ll get to enjoy the latest dishwasher, range, oven, microwave, and fridge. That means not only will these items be reliable but also they’ve never been used before. You can open the fridge to find pristine shelves or open the oven and find a total lack of baked-on gunk. These appliances will also be made to modern standards, which means they’re built to be more efficient than an older model.

#2: Modern Design

No matter how hard you try, an older apartment will likely have an older style of layout. There may be odd nooks and crannies or old-school countertops and cabinets. New apartments will include up-to-date design elements throughout so you don’t have to stare at icky linoleum floors forever. Residents of Flats at Stones Crossing can enjoy layouts that include vaulted ceilings, wine racks, and built-in desks.

#3: Little to No Maintenance

A new build means everything is fresh. That includes places that often get dinged and dented in older apartments, like the walls, window frames, fridges, and closets. You’ll have a totally blank canvas to work from and should have little to no need to call maintenance about a loose cabinet door or a malfunctioning window. You’ll avoid those disruptions and get to make the space all your own because no one has lived there before.

#4: Thoughtful Location

An older apartment community was probably in a prime location when it was built, but time changes towns and cities. A new apartment community is built in the best spot for what matters now. That means you’ll most likely have the best access to important places, such as the grocery store or retail spaces, but you’ll also have the best access to fun places, such as the latest park or trail, restaurant, or entertainment venue. For example, Flats at Stones Crossing is close to the local farmers market, Mallow Run Winery, The Release, and provides easy access to downtown Indianapolis.

#5: Updated, Upgraded Amenities

In the past, premium amenities for an apartment community would likely have included 24-hour maintenance, a clubhouse, and maybe communal laundry facilities. But the modern renter is looking for amenities beyond the old standard. At Flats at Stones Crossing, our residents enjoy a business center, a saltwater pool, a conference space, and more.

If you’re looking for a new Greenwood, Indiana apartment, come and explore Flats at Stones Crossing. We are not just a new community but a luxury community. You can enjoy the best, modern 1, 2, and 3-bedroom floor plans in a prime location. Call to learn more: (317) 548-3603