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Planning an Apartment Warming

When you move to an apartment, you are likely excited to show off your new space to friends and family. It can give you a sense of pride and achievement, so it makes sense to plan something to celebrate this milestone. If you live at Flats at Stones Crossing, then you’ll get to proudly display your brand new Greenwood, Indiana apartment, complete with the latest modern amenities. But how do you navigate planning a party in an apartment? Here are some tips for designing a fun and fabulous apartment warming!

#1: Make Sure You’re Settled First
Before you consider hosting anything in your new apartment, give yourself time to properly move in and give it a “homey” feeling. You certainly don’t want your guests sitting among piles of boxes on folding chairs. You don’t have to have everything totally decorated, but make sure your spaces are at least clutter-free, major furniture is in place, and there are some personal touches on walls and surfaces.

#2: Thoughtfully Plan the Guest List
Creating your guest list may sound like a daunting task, but all it takes is some forethought. Be completely honest with yourself about how many people you can comfortably fit in your apartment. Practice your seating layout and see how many seats you can accommodate. That will give you a good idea of where to start. If you feel like that severely limits your list and you had more people you wanted to invite, no worries! You can always do two different get-togethers, maybe one focused on family and another for friends and coworkers.

#3: Use Digital Invites
There’s no need to do any kind of formal invitation for your party. Keep it simple and use some kind of digital option, like a Facebook invite or an easy-to-use digital platform like Evite. That will help you keep track of your total number of guests much more easily, you can send updates if needed, and if you’re worried that your list is on the small side, you can leave the option open for your guests to invite friends. Just be sure it doesn’t get so large you make a bad impression on your neighbors with too much noise.

#4: Think Through Layout
The best parties avoid awkward side shuffling and furniture bumping. When you design your layout, create natural spaces that let traffic flow in and out. At a minimum, you’ll need an area for beverages, snacks, and seating. To avoid backups, try to keep things out of corners or areas where it’s difficult to walk in and back out with two people side by side. A clever trick is to create more than one beverage area and/or more than one snack area so it spreads out where guests have to move.

#5: Create a Simple Menu
Remember, this is an apartment warming, not a massive soiree. There’s no need to cook a multi-course meal. Since your guests will most likely flow in and out over time, pick foods that are easy to leave out and easy to grab. Think appetizers, finger foods, and things that go with dips. Most of those items can survive outside of the fridge or a warmer for a few hours with no trouble and are easy to quickly refill so you can enjoy the party, too!

#6: Have Backup Activities
Whether your party has a natural energy or things are lagging a bit, it’s best to have some backup activities in mind to keep things under control. If your party is getting a bit loud or energy is super high as you come to the end, strategically invite your guests to go out for dessert or to another nearby restaurant, brewery, or other local haunts where the party can safely continue. If the energy level is a bit low, then you could try a group game or use the same strategy of changing the scenery with a trip somewhere nearby. Residents of Flats at Stones Crossing have several perfect options, like Mallow Run Winery or Ale Emporium.

#7: Be Strategic With Time
Make sure you set both a start and end time for your apartment warming party. It can be tempting to leave it open, but then you risk either too few guests arriving at the same time or having guests overstay their welcome. It also ensures that you’ll have time to clean up and reset your home a bit before bed. Again, if the party is still in full swing as the end time approaches, you can always suggest a change of venue or simply give a short speech thanking your guests for coming. That will give them a clear signal to bring things to a close.

Are you looking for apartments in Greenwood, IN that make it easy to host the perfect apartment warming party? Then come visit us at Flats at Stones Crossing! We offer ample 1, 2, and 3-bedroom floor plans, an ideal location, and a completely new modern community. Call today to learn more: (317) 548-3603