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A Seasonal Cleanse

For some reason, once the sun starts shining again, we get the itch to reorganize, clean, and otherwise purge after the cold winter months. Spring cleaning is a great practice for many reasons. It gives you a fresh start with fresh smells, fresh organization, and maybe a fresh look. It also gives you a set time to focus on some of those deep cleaning projects that maybe got neglected during the dark and cold of winter. Of course, spring cleaning is made easier when you move into a new apartment like the ones at Flats at Stones Crossing. Our luxury apartments in Greenwood, Indiana offer spacious floor plans with matching luxury amenities. Regardless, spring cleaning is always a good idea, so here is a checklist of what to do to give you that fresh feel!

Living Area
This list works for any major living space, but think of it as the room where you’d have your couch, TV, or general entertainment area.
Wipe down baseboards
Dust/wipe down windowsills and windows
Wash/dust curtains/blinds (vacuum cleaner attachments/hoses work well!)
Dust shelves/bookshelves, all decor, and electronics
Wash/steam upholstered furniture and pillows/pillowcases
Vacuum and shampoo carpets/rugs (for carpeting, check with your apartment manager for preferred service providers or other requirements!)
Sweep/vacuum and mop any hard floors, including under and behind furniture
Check that all cords and power strips are secure, safe, and untangled

Let’s face it. Kitchens can hide a LOT of things. There’s a definite temptation to stick things in corners and crevices and let them live there indefinitely. Time to change all that!
Empty all cabinets, fridge, and pantry
Discard all expired/old/unwanted food items
Purge excess Tupperware and other utensils (they make great donations!)
Wipe down/scrub out cabinets, shelves, and fridge
Wipe down cabinet and fridge exteriors
Wipe down/clean sink, microwave, stovetop, and oven (easy microwave cleaning recipe)

You may think your bedroom is pretty easy to clean, but there are a few key elements you may be neglecting. Think bed linens!
Vacuum/sweep and shampoo/mop your floor
Dust/wash window treatments
Dust/wipe down windowsills and windows
Wash/steam bed comforters and other linens like throw blankets, pillows and pillowcases (they can become a favorite spot for allergens if you don’t clean them!)
Flip or rotate your mattress (helps it wear out more evenly!)
Check under your bed for stray clothing or items you stored that have been forgotten

This is the big one. You have to genuinely look into every nook and cranny in your coat closet, linen closet, clothes closet, and any other storage area. You’ll be shocked not only by what you find that doesn’t belong there but also by how much storage you’ll get back by taking the time to clean it.
Empty the closet/storage area entirely
Clean the closet/storage area by wiping down any surfaces, sweeping/vacuuming, and dusting
Go through everything you pulled out and decide to toss, donate, or keep
Before putting it back, make sure you have the organizational tools in place to keep it organized
Put everything back in a way that keeps it functional (and will hopefully make next year’s cleaning easier!)

Bathroom and Miscellaneous
Bathrooms are a given and should already be cleaned regularly, but check to make sure you’re not missing some deep-cleaning opportunities. There are also spots hiding in apartments that you may forget about in your spring cleaning list, but they deserve a fresh look, too!
Wipe down all surfaces (mirrors, counters, etc.)
Disinfect every surface of your toilet (tank, base, seat, etc.)
Wash or replace shower curtains/liners
Disinfect and scrub down the tub/shower
Reduce calcium and lime build-up on your shower head with a bathroom cleaner
If needed, use a product to clear out your drain to avoid clogs from hair and other build-ups
Wipe down all your doors (they accumulate a shocking amount of dust and grime)
Wipe down/polish any door/cabinet/built-in hardware
Tidy up any outdoor space you may have

Do you want to skip out on spring cleaning and just go straight for a fresh start? Then come home to Flats at Stones Crossing! We can provide you with a brand new Greenwood, Indiana apartment that includes access to top amenities. Call to learn more: (317) 548-3603