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Trendy Interior Design Styles

Decorating your home can be exciting. You get to shop for furniture, accents, rugs, lighting, and more. Then again, walking into any furniture or home decor store can be incredibly intimidating. There are shelves upon shelves and rows upon rows of options. How do you know what to choose? If you’re lucky, you’re starting with a fresh, modern palette like the ones at Flats at Stones Crossing. Our luxury apartments in Greenwood, Indiana are the perfect setting for any decor style. But to stay up to date, these are the trends to shop for 2024!

#1: Natural
There is a huge movement within furniture production to steer away from fast furniture, just like the switch away from fast fashion. That means you can expect to see more natural and sustainable materials used across the board in style trends. For your own decorating needs, try introducing some true wood pieces and chunky, textural elements that honor the organic nature of the materials. Austere and straight-laced are out! Embrace the unexpected touches that come from nature.

#2: Curvy
The trend toward natural elements is echoed by a new trend towards all things curvy. Sharp edges are a thing of the past. Instead, try adding some curvaceous armchairs or rounded ottomans to soften up your overall look. If you’re not looking to invest in a whole new curvy couch, then you can incorporate this look with tables, pillows, and even artwork. Don’t be afraid to try something more abstract and less symmetrical.

#3: Art Deco
Minimalism is on its way out, and Art Deco is stepping into its place. Art Deco is not about extreme maximalism, but it does embrace luxury and detail. Start looking for pieces that have more intricate patterns, especially if they’re done in wood. Since this style has been around for a century now, you’ll be able to find pieces that reflect this aesthetic not only in modern furniture stores but also in antique stores. This is a great opportunity to get thrifty and turn old into new!

#4: Warm and Bold
Since minimalism is out, so are the cold, stark colors that came with it. Instead, there’s been a switch to more color. 2024 will include a lot of warm neutrals, like browns and beiges, and steer away from cool gray tones. A pop of color is also a welcome addition to your decor. Some popular choices include saturated jewel tones and deep blues. You can easily add color with obvious things like a pillow, rug, or throw blanket. You can also go big and bold with a statement chair or large piece of art.

#5: Local
The final trend of the season ties in well with the natural trend and organic, curvy shapes. “Local” here doesn’t just mean purchased locally. Instead, this trend is all about honoring your local landscape and community. If you are near a beach, maybe you’ll have a statement piece that uses driftwood. If you are in a wooded area, maybe you have a raw-edged wooden coffee table. This is another way to think sustainably, too, because you’ll be buying pieces made from locally and naturally sourced materials.

Are you in search of luxury apartments in Greenwood that will mesh well with the latest trends? Schedule your tour at Flats at Stones Crossing where you’ll find modern design amenities that include options like vaulted ceilings, built-in desks, wine racks, and more. Call today: (317) 548-3603