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Apartment Dinner Party Planning
Are you itching to show off your fabulous new apartment like the ones at Flats at Stones Crossing? Our apartments in Greenwood, IN are new and feature all the latest modern luxury amenities. One of the best ways to proudly display your new home is with an intimate dinner party. If you think an apartment is too small for a proper dinner party, think again. With some careful planning and a touch of creativity, you’ll be a super host.

#1: Seating and Setup
The biggest challenge for a dinner party in an apartment is space. You may have a large floor plan, but you may still need to have ready seating for a full dinner party. Fear not! Instead of going for a formal dinner, try an elevated buffet setup. The buffet items can go anywhere, not just on the kitchen counter. And avoiding a formal sit-down will allow you to use any and all seating you have. Don’t be afraid to move things around, too. Any excess furniture pieces can be discretely tucked away in a bedroom or closet until the end of the party. Another clever space hack is to get a collapsible coat rack for your guests’ coats so they don’t cause an avalanche on any surfaces.

#2: Menu
The words “dinner party” do not have to turn into “endless hours in the kitchen.” Simplicity is just as effective as over-the-top. Instead of planning an elaborate four-course experience, try sticking with some basics. One of the best approaches is to go with finger foods and maybe one or two entree items that are easy to arrange on a platter. Finger foods are generally easier to make ahead of time, and then you can have many options without having to take up massive amounts of space (and time). Pinterest has some great inspiration!

#3: Place Settings
Don’t let the heading fool you: this tip is to avoid place settings. In fact, avoid formal dinnerware altogether and opt for some classic paper plates, bowls, napkins, and silverware. It’ll encourage guests to relax and enjoy, and it will also make for an easier cleanup experience. It’s also much easier to migrate to different seating areas with a light paper plate. If you’re looking for a more eco-conscious option, try some new environmentally-friendly choices like compostable bamboo plates.

#4: Theme
Nothing spices up a party quite like a good theme. Choosing a theme for your dinner party will let guests know you’ve thought about the evening. It’s also a great way to guide your menu, decor, and colors. But be careful not to make it too busy! Since you’re working in an overall smaller space, anchor your concept with a solid color as your tablecloth or runner and limit the number of patterns you introduce. Themes can come from holidays, countries, sports, music, whatever you enjoy!

#5: Ambiance
Your ambiance may be created by your theme, but in case you’re skipping out on a theme or just need some pointers, it’s not hard to give your place that touch of elegance. It only takes two things: candles and flowers. Use battery-powered candles to maximize safety and avoid any scents that may conflict with the smell of the food. Flowers can be real or fake, but it’s good to choose arrangements that reflect the season. An important note is that none of these items need to be large to make a big impact. Place them in table centers, on shelves, or on counters. If you’re feeling extra festive, twinkle lights are always welcome to frame out windows or doors.

#6: Fun!
The point of a party is to have fun! No one knows your guest list better than you, so choose a thoughtful touch that fits the vibe you’re aiming for. It could be as simple as a well-curated playlist or as complicated as a whole group game. You could set up different games or activities in different seating areas. You could do something as simple as a build-your-own hot cocoa or cocktail bar. Whatever you choose, preparation will be key. If you plan ahead, then the fun will take care of itself.

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